About Us

Jojoba Cosmetics are a leading Hair and Beauty company supplying the most up to date, innovative products for hair, skin and body, using the most powerful vitamins and minerals available on the market.

At Jojoba Cosmetics we believe creating beautiful hair and skin is paramount to everyday life and with Mon Platin Professional, DSM and Black Caviar Collection products we know this is possible.

We distribute largely to professional hair salons, beauty therapists and wholesalers. If you are a professional and would like to know more about the products or would like to make an order please call us on 0208 090 4788 to set up your discount code at checkout.

Jojoba Cosmetics are passionate about our products and are dedicated to promoting the best quality products to both professionals and individuals.

Our mission is to continue to expand and to provide the most up to date products with instant results using modern technology leaving individuals with beautiful hair and skin.


Mon Platin is a family of three different ranges- Mon Platin Professional, Dead Sea Minerals and Black Caviar Collection. All are dedicated to individual needs, made with the best ingredients available and innovative technology to provide instant long lasting beautiful results.

About Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea, located at the lowest point on earth, was famous even in the times of Elijah the Prophet.
Acclaimed for thousands of years for its remarkable powers, the Dead Sea is a unique source of health and beauty. Concealed in its depths are dense concentrations of minerals that have accumulated over millions of years. Richer than any other natural source in the world, the Dead Sea’s mineral diversity includes huge amounts of potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and chloride.
Since ancient times the fame of the Dead Sea has attracted streams of visitors from every point of the compass. All have benefited from its health-giving properties and beautifying effects on the skin.

About Mon Platin Professional:

People have always taken great care of their hair – its appearance, color, shape, length, volume, texture, softness, style and especially its health. Our hair says a lot about us.
Hair styling is the expert art of combining the customer’s wish for a certain kind of appearance, his personality and temperament, with the specific characteristics of his hair type. Whether the desired result is a new look, a change of image, a cheeky surprise or a classic, elegant restraint, hair stylists are always required to balance the customer’s preference with achieving that visual dream within the given parameters. This is a task requiring highly tuned intuition and a special sensitivity to people, good listening ability and an understanding of the customer and his wishes, coupled with fine technical skill, confidence, professional expertise and experience. MON PLATIN PROFESSIONAL offers stylists a totally reliable range of preparations to help achieve professional goals and maintain them over the long term. MON PLATIN products are elegant, up-to-date and guaranteed to produce optimum results.

About Black Caviar:

Unique cosmetics on the basis of black caviar is the result of years of research by leading scientists.
Caviar’s anti-aging properties have been seen since back in 1964 when the representative of the French aristocracy Ingrid Millet d uring one of her travels, drew attention to the hands of women working on caviar fisheries. Indeed, the hands looked much younger than the skin on the faces of these women. This phenomenon was primarily because their hands frequently come into contact with caviar.
Shortly after the start of the research it was revealed that the cell extract of caviar actually has excellent properties to prevent aging of the skin. As a result the first completely new line of cosmetics, available only to the elite was created.
With Mon Platin’s Black Caviar collection, you can now appreciate the unique qualities of black caviar.
Black caviar, the properties of which today are widely used in cosmetics, is an expensive natural product. In addition to the excellent taste, black caviar is present with a large number of nutrients. It contains proteins, fatty acids, vitamins E, C, A, D and e, as well as several trace elements that stimulate the renewal of skin cells. Interesting is the fact that all trace elements in black caviar are perfectly assimilated by the cells of human skin.
What effect has all of the above substances on the skin?
Thanks to their powers skin stays soft, smooth, and moisturised. If a person regularly uses cosmetics Mon Platin on the basis of black caviar, it significantly improves nutrition to the skin cells and as a result is the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, thanks to the permanent effects on the skin of the cell extract of caviar, it produces cells of the skin collagen, which is needed to make the skin maintain its elasticity and firmness.
An important feature of Mon Platin Black Caviar Collection is its versatility as it is great for people of all age groups, skin types and genders.