Black Friday 10% off everything this week and 25% off Volume Powder!

Janine, one of our clients from Hertfordshire got her hands on a volume powder builder and gave us her feedback! This is what she thought –

“I always have that hair that parts on my crown and goes flat and I have tried looking for a product for years that can keep it in place.

I was lucky enough to try this amazing powder that you easily apply with a nozzle directly to the root. To my amazement the product lasted all day and added instant grit to my hair to hold it in place, the volume powder added so much volume all my friends noticed!

This product washes out easily and can be used for wedding hair especially hair up you also don’t need to back comb when using this powder, so less breakage to the hair.”

Mon Platin Professional Black Caviar Volume builder powder 20ml is on special this Black Friday week with 25 percent off the original price! All other products are 10% off!

You won’t be disappointed especially in this freezing cold winter season where all our hair gets blown to pieces! Also suitable for men too who want to add some volume!

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