Choosing the right hair colour for you

rhianna-hair-colorChoosing a hair colour can be difficult. You can have a dream colour in mind, one that looks perfect on a celebrity you admire, or on a friend. But as you may have already realised, it’s not that simple. Not every colour suits every person.

That’s where a little bit of consideration comes in. If you know the kind of things a stylist would consider, you’ll be able to go for something that both looks good and reflects your personal taste. So enjoy the following tips, and then get yourself a flattering new hair shade!

Firstly, arming yourself with a range of colour swatches and a mirror can be really helpful. Seeing your real face next to different colours will mean you can see what works and what doesn’t. Better still, ask a friend to help as well so that you can get a second opinion.

There are some well-known rules to colour combinations. For example, pale skin and green eyes suit a range of red tones, whereas if you have a lot of red in your skin, red might not work. But don’t be a slave to the rules! Be open to whichever shade of dye most compliments your unique colouring – and your personality.

In terms of reflecting your individual self, another important consideration will be your wardrobe. Which colours do you wear all the time? If you wear dark shades and want darker hair, can you carry off the gothic look? Be realistic about your day-to-day look and how your new colour will work with it.

A final consideration is the natural colour and condition of your hair. Be careful using bleach on delicate or damaged hair, and don’t excessively lighten very dark hair. However, if you have healthy hair, you may be able to lighten it by several shades and still end up with fabulous locks, provided you follow a good hair care routine with the right products to protect and nourish.

Hopefully you now feel more confident about finding the right colour for you, and you can enjoy changing your hair in a way that’s both flattering and expressive. Have fun!

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