New Year, New You!!!

workout hairAs we kick off into 2020 with those all to familiar New Years resolutions. Why not include healthy hair as part of your new healthy living plan. It’s all about feeling great and being the best you!

Healthy hair healthy mind!!. We all know having a balanced healthy diet and fitness regime has a positive effect on your physical and mental well being.

Having a balanced hair care routine can also enhance your physical and mental well being. Let me talk you through a healthy hair recipe using the amazing Mon Platin Professional range.

To get the maximum from the range it’s always best to give yourself a mini consultation. What type of hair do I have?.. is it coloured, dry and lifeless? Is it greasy and limp? Is it frizzy and unruly?

I used to apply all sorts of products to my hair wondering why my scalp was so dry. When working out at the gym I was using a well known commercial dandruff products that are supposed to prevent flakes on my head and shoulders. I would also use the gyms shampoo and conditioner after every work out. Little did I know I was ruining my scalp and damaging my skin.

That’s when I discovered the Mon Platin professional range and learning that I shouldn’t just use products for “all hair types”.

Mon Platin Professional provide a shampoo for every hair type and their Total Clean Shampoo was perfect for me. An anti dandruff shampoo. Enriched with black caviar extracts. It intensely cleanses the hair shafts and nourishes the scalps skin and prevents dandruff. I was blown away with the results. It even has antioxidants which maintains my hair colour and shine.

So it’s all about hair care education and the moment I discovered the Mon Platin range my hair has only gotten healthier. I swear by this range. I love to use the black caviar hair mask with silk protein once a week to really boost the condition. It’s highly therapeutic and adds rich moisture, suppleness and vitality.

I can honesty say that my confidence has really improved since using the Mon Platin professional range. Even as a PT I used to be so embarrassed of my flaky scalp. Having the dry skin problem was becoming the bane of my life so I wanted to set my own rules and show that my hair did not diminish my aptitude.

So my clean eating, exercise and new hair care habits equal healthy natural hair and happiness.

As a PT I often get compliments on my physic and toned body however I now regularly receive compliments on my hair. It’s amazing!!