2022 Celebrity Hair Trends

Having healthy hair can help boost anyones confidence. What we do with our hair makes a personal statement about who we are and how we’re feeling. Everyone loves a new hair new me transformation so let’s have a look at 2022’s best hair styles so far. Balayage layered hair – Jennifer Lopez 2. Half up […]

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Your hair porosity and what it means

What is hair porosity? Your hair porosity is essentially how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture through the other layer of the hair strand called the cuticle. Absorbing and retaining moisture is key for keeping your hair shiny, strong and of course moisturised so knowing your hairs porosity is vital if you want to […]

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22 hairstyles you’re bound to see all 2022!

Credit- lavishhairandbeautybar Credit- allthingshair Effortless Braids The effortlessly working from home look is following through to 2022, which isn’t a surprise! As people these days seem to be moving away from heat tools and learning to be more comfortable with their naturals locks we will definitely be seeing this casual untamed look a lot more. […]

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The correct way to use a hair mask!

As many of us over lockdown decided to try becoming our own hairdresser we may find ourselves searching for a more hydrating product to try revive our “over loved” and perhaps over processed hair through the use of box dyes and at home bleaching. For this there is nothing better than a good deep conditioning […]

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Establishing the right Hair Care routine for you!

Finding the right hair care routine can feel like a lengthy daunting process, but for most of us, once we’ve found what’s for us we’d never look back! The key is going through a step by step system that’ll help you choose the right products for your hair type. The best way to essentially cut […]

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