BLACK FRIDAY – Lizze Extreme Slim Titanium Smoothing Straightener for £60+vat – Best hair straighteners for Mon Platin Hyloren Straightening System

Have you heard of Lizzie Extreme Slim Hair Straighteners?  They are amazing as have a titanium coated plate that protects hair and glides through it instead of pulling like other brands do. Also they have 4 heat settings up to 250c which is only used for straightening and Brazilians and are perfect to use with […]

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The benefits of Hyaluronic acid for your hair with HYLOREN by Mon Platin USE CODE EASTER15 for 15% OFF

Hyaluronic acid as I’m sure you have seen is in most skin care treatments but did you know you can now buy a whole haircare range that will now transform your hair? With our exclusive HyLoren range you can now get that dream hair you always desired. With its ability to deeply hydrate your hair […]

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Top Men’s Trending Haircuts Right Now

Far too many men have the same haircut year after year. Hair is an excellent avenue for creative self-expression. Don’t forget that men’s haircuts are not a ‘one style for all,’ and yes, styles change. How you do your hair leaves a lasting impression. Make the decision carefully and choose a style that’s fresh, contemporary […]

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Five Conditioner Do’s and Don’ts

Most people follow a simple hair care routine: shampooing and conditioner. Whether you follow that up with oil or a mask or any other more in-depth hair treatments, most people like to think they have mastered the art of washing and shampooing their hair. But think again. There are plenty of easily overlooked mistakes when […]

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The Best Trending Hair Care Tips Right Now

Becoming your best self starts with how you look and feel. Fixing hair problems and restoring Brocken locks into stronger healthier hair can feel like a whole new you! Use these popular hair care routines to ensure the best growth and nourishment for your hair and scalp. 1. Hair Oil Let’s face it, our […]

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