Maintaining your bleached hair with Mon Platin Blonde Mask Hi guys it’s Jo from Mon Platin! I need to tell you all how the blonde shampoo and blonde hair mask are a must have in your bathroom just in case you didn’t already know! If you have blonde highlighted hair or a tint you will know that after a few weeks your colour starts […]
How to look after hair extensions When I had my second baby if it isn’t enough what us mums have to go through ( I will leave that for another time) but no one actually tells you that Oh yes your hair will start to fall out too. I have always looked after my hair as I work for mon platin […]
Revitalise your hair in just 5 minutes with Black Caviar hair mask! It is almost everyone’s favourite time of year!!! After the coldest winter and plenty of rain, summer simply cannot come quick enough. Holiday season is just around the corner and we feel it is now time to think about how the sun along with the heat has the potential to wreak havoc on your locks. […]
The amazing benefits of Mon Platin 12 in 1 hair cream When choosing what to recommend to their clients, hairdressers and stylists have some fantastic products to offer from the Mon Platin range! 12 in 1 multi system hair cream is a product from Mon Platin that hairdressers and women using at home love. It is a fabulous product for all hair types and has so […]
How to achieve beautiful, shiny, healthy summer locks Luckily for us ladies, messy, tousled beach hair is a summer staple and the sunny months are a great excuse to let loose locks fly freely, without the bother of blow dries or damaging heat appliances. So that means gorgeous, healthy hair, right? Wrong! Giving your hair a break during summer is a great way […]
Choose the right mask, whatever your hair type When the winter bites, it’s easy to see the effect it can have on your skin. From a bright pink nose to dry, chapped lips, it’s obvious. However, the impact the cold has on your hair is invisible. While there are a number of things you can do to help recondition your hair, the good […]
Why you should oil your hair The odds are good that you already incorporate shampoos and conditioners into your daily hair-care routine, but should you also be using oils on a regular basis? In previous blog entries, we’ve noted that hair oils can help deal with specific challenges (such as keeping your hair moisturised in harsh winter weather). However, these oils […]
Treat your hair this Christmas, with our four handy tips for maintaining healthy hair ‘Snow is falling… all around me…’ Great for you, not so great for your hair! It can be difficult to maintain good hair health at this time of year. Not only do we have to deal with the harshest weather conditions – rain, wind, sleet, hail, snow (take a breath), but there’s also the pressure […]
How to ensure your hair looks great this winter The weather is getting colder and the nights are getting longer: winter has arrived. Sadly, the cold, harsh winter weather can damage your hair. However, you don’t have to just put up with split ends and unmanageable hair throughout winter – we’ve compiled four simple steps you can take to protect your hair during the […]
Choosing the right hair colour for you Choosing a hair colour can be difficult. You can have a dream colour in mind, one that looks perfect on a celebrity you admire, or on a friend. But as you may have already realised, it’s not that simple. Not every colour suits every person. That’s where a little bit of consideration comes in. If […]