How to achieve beautiful, shiny, healthy summer locks

Summer hairLuckily for us ladies, messy, tousled beach hair is a summer staple and the sunny months are a great excuse to let loose locks fly freely, without the bother of blow dries or damaging heat appliances. So that means gorgeous, healthy hair, right? Wrong! Giving your hair a break during summer is a great way to regain a bit of health, but it doesn’t mean that when the sun sets your hair will be back to its virgin state. So, what can be done during summer to ensure your hair looks amazing, but stays in good condition, too?

Quench your thirst

Just like any part of the body, summer is prime time for dehydration, so make sure you’re giving your hair a drink, too. Hair gets greasy faster in the summer as perspiration from the scalp increases sebum production, but many people tend to skip a wash during sunny months and opt for dry shampoo instead. This is a great, fast option for attractive locks, but will dry your hair out even further, so make sure to spritz a little leave-in conditioner over the ends once in a while for a moisture injection. Rihanna’s hair stylist, Ursula Stephen, swears by the stuff and uses multiple applications throughout a particularly hot or dry day.

Tie it up

Minimising the amount of hair exposed to the sun will do your mane a huge service in the long run, so try and incorporate some up-dos into your summer hair routine. Luckily, festival chic calls for a whole host of cool and interesting braids, and a loose braid also minimises pulling and will stop breakage. Bonus points for braids, because they also reduce frizz.

Swap your brush

Brushes are the go-to tool for soft and sleek locks, but in summer your hair spends a lot of time wet and fragile, and a brush can leave you with bad breakage and noticeable fly-aways. Instead, swap your brush for a wide-toothed comb. This will detangle quickly and easily, without damaging your hair when it’s wet.

Take a break

Try and treat the summer months a little like a holiday for your hair, too. Although keeping on top of maintenance is important in this tougher environment, try and approach hair care in a more natural way. During sunny months, do your best to avoid harsh chemicals and dyes, and instead cash-in on the natural bleaching properties of that coveted vitamin D. Opt for brands that promote healthy hair, rather than over-processed tresses, and you’ll reap the benefits.

When all else fails, mask it

Hair masks are pretty much a no-brainer in the modern world – every girl has a go-to mask for restoring damaged locks, and they’re a pretty foolproof remedy for tresses that need a little love at the end of a long and harsh summer. We particularly love the Mon Platin range for instant replenishment! Masks are particularly effective when applied in the morning before hitting the beach or any other harsh environment, but actually work exceptionally well when coupled with a workout. Apply a mask, pull your hair back into a ponytail, then simply go about your usual workout routine. For added rejuvenation, apply a shower cap and hit the steam room at the end of your session for it to really soak into those follicles.

It’s easy to let your hair take a back seat during summer, but in reality paying a little bit of care and attention to your locks during these months will pay dividends in the long run. Show your tresses the love they deserve with plenty of moisture, some reinvigorating masks and conditioners, and exaggerate that beautiful shine with some high quality oils and serums. If you’d like more information about avoiding sun damaged hair, contact us today!