Hair Conditioners

Conditioning is one of the most important things you need to do in order to maintain healthy looking hair. Damaged hair can be incredibly difficult to maintain and restore, so when choosing a conditioner, it always pays off to choose the best for your hair.

As one of only a few stockists of the luxurious Mon Platin brand, we’re proud to say that these conditioners are created with only the best ingredients, with the maintenance of your hair being the top priority. All of the conditioners contain elements that are essential to the health of your hair, some of which are lost between washes, so replenishing those elements with one of the Mon Platin conditioners is the best thing you can do for that natural soft, healthy look.

  • total repair_conditioner

    Mon Platin Professional Black Caviar Total Reviving Conditioner 500 ml

    £12.58 ex vat
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  • total-reviving-conditioner_1liter-1

    Mon Platin Professional Total Reviving Conditioner 1000ml

    £21.11 ex vat
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