Hair Gels

For a hair gel with hold, that doesn’t compromise when it comes to healthy hair, choose Mon Platin.

Mon Platin Professional Jojoba Gel is perfect for sculpting and creating young, fresh styles. Whether you’re after spikes or a tousled appearance, Mon Platin’s Professional Jojoba Gel can do the job day in, day out. It’s strong enough to give you the look you need, but gentle too, enriching hair with jojoba extract and protecting its natural texture. What’s more, it doesn’t cause dandruff so you can just let the natural beauty of your hair shine through. Available in 250ml or 1000ml containers.

Mon Platin DSM Jojoba Gel is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and the herbal essences of the jojoba plant, this gel gives hair maximum protection. Innovate and create new styles with hold and texture whilst keeping hair healthy at the same time. Available in 500ml packaging.

  • jojoba-gel-tube.jpg

    Jojoba Hair Gel 250ml CLEAR

    £5.02 ex vat
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  • styling-gel-men-only

    Mon Platin Professional Men Only Jojoba & Black Caviar Styling Gel 250ml

    £5.73 ex vat
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    Mon Platin Professional Styling Gel Jojoba & Black Caviar 1000ml

    £12.78 ex vat
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