Hair Wax

When styling your hair, hair wax is often an essential ingredient to creating the perfect look. However, a lot of hair waxes are harmful, or do not hold throughout the day. We’re proud to say that these premium products do everything they’re supposed to, and more.

Not only do all of the Mon Platin hair waxes hold your hair the way you want them to, but they also work to nourish the hair from root to tip throughout the day, providing you with a shield against all the harmful elements in the environment. Expertly formulated, the Mon Platin has everything you could ever want in a hair wax, with the added bonus of complete nourishment.

  • pomade

    UNDERDOG – Pomade 100 ml

    £13.50 ex vat
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  • water wax

    UNDERDOG – Water Wax 100 ml

    £13.50 ex vat
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  • MP_114

    Mon Platin Professional Jojoba Crystal Wax 250ml

    £13.71 ex vat
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  • jojobacrystalwax85ml.jpg

    Mon Platin Professional Jojoba Crystal Wax 85ml

    £7.22 ex vat
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  • jojoba-wax.jpg

    Mon Platin Professional Jojoba Wax 150ml

    £11.49 ex vat
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