Sally Brown: “How Going Blonde Totally Changed My Psyche”

Sally Brown answers that question once and for all: Do blondes really have more fun?
City Girl Sally who works for a top IT consultancy in London dyed her hair blonde last year. What she didn’t expect was how this would affect her psyche.
“It gave me a new lease of life, she says of her sleek blonde bob, which she recently coloured with Mon Platin’s new anti break Champaign blonde. “ I wear a lot less make up now”, she adds. Other than a dependency on Mon Platin’s Total Blonde purple shampoo Sally’s found she’s much more low maintenance.
“ I use to not be able to leave the house without drying my hair straight and then use a curling wand religiously, but now I never put heat on my hair, except for when it’s styled for important client meetings’ she says. When I had darker hair I was either always tanned from being away or fake tanned. I was obsessed with being in the sun, but now I’m blonde I really enjoy my natural paleness”.
It’s not just her daily routine that’s changed, but her sense of self. “ I didn’t realise I was lacking at all, but I just suddenly feel more confident”
Dying my hair blonde has really left me with a positive experience.
My friends and colleagues initially, were like “noooo” as they were used to my look but overall people have said that going blonde was a game changer for me. Even some of her friends are keen to now go blonde
I ask, do blondes have for fun? Empathically she answers, “Yes”, I don’t know if it’s a confidence thing but being blonde makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin and happy”.