Sleek looks!

Opting for a simple nighttime look that won’t take up too much time? You’ve arrived at the correct location! Choosing a simple look can be difficult since you don’t want to appear boring, but I’ll show you how to make a simple look appealing and tasteful. 

 Pin Straight Center Part!

Sport this sleek and straight style for a night date.

Step 1. Begin with wet hair and apply serum to fight frizz.

Step 2. Blow-dry hair until it is completely dry and use a fine-tooth comb to create a straight center part.

Step 3. Apply a heat protectant like straighten hair using a flat iron.

Step 4. Finish the look by adding a dime-sized amount of our serum to the length of the hair for added shine. Placing hair behind ears can make the look more stylish (optional).

Sleek, Slicked Back Pony!

For an extra dose of sex appeal, pull your hair back into a high pony.

Step 1. Begin by brushing your flat-ironed hair back and creating a tight ponytail at the crown. Secure with an elastic.

Step 2. Take a piece of hair from the length of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic and secure the hair with a bobby pin.

Step 3. Smooth any flyaways with a wax and hairspray.

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