The amazing benefits of Mon Platin 12 in 1 hair cream

12in1 multi action creamWhen choosing what to recommend to their clients, hairdressers and stylists have some fantastic products to offer from the Mon Platin range! 12 in 1 multi system hair cream is a product from Mon Platin that hairdressers and women using at home love. It is a fabulous product for all hair types and has so many benefits!

On thin, fragile and damaged hair when 12 in 1 is applied it leaves the hair fuller, shiny and no frizz in sight. On thicker hair 12 in 1 calms the hair down leaving a smooth shiny finish.

To use 12 in 1 you wash and condition the hair as normal with black caviar shampoo and conditioner. Then towel dry the hair and apply the fabulous 12 in 1. Spray a small amount of the 12 in 1 onto hair and blow dry as normal.

12 in 1 can also be used as a heat protector and a de-tangling cream. 12 in 1 not only leaves your hair looking fabulous, it also leaves your hair with a warm refreshing scent.

12 in 1 can also be applied to dry hair. This will add volume and hold to the hair.

12 in 1 is so versatile you can use it as a hair treatment and it works very well especially for people who use straightening irons and blow dry their hair frequently. It protects against this type of heat and also UV rays from the sun with an spf (sun protection factor), therefore making 12 in 1 the perfect product to take on holiday and keep your hair looking soft, smooth and amazing throughout the summer.

12 in 1 is a great time saver. For those people who spend ages trying to get a comb or brush through their hair, applying just a small amount of 12 in 1 makes it much easier leaving your hair smooth, shiny and a lot more manageable.

For those people who have had a chemically straightened hair treatment, 12 in 1 is also a wonderful protector.

You will notice when using 12 in 1 that blow drying your hair will be much quicker to dry in your normal style.

This amazing product is called 12 in 1 because it literally does 12 functions in 1 bottle as listed below:


  • Leaves hair shiny and easy to control
  • Holds styling long term
  • Adds Volume & Hold


  • Repairs and Rehabilitates dry & damaged hair
  • Releases Tangles
  • Mends split ends


  • Protects hair colour & contains UVA and UVB filters
  • Protects against damaging effects of heat
  • Provides extra protection following chemically straightened treatments


  • Leaves hair feeling soft & silky
  • Dries hair quicker and makes combing easier
  • Enticingly scented to leave hair perfumed

We hope you love this product as much as we do! If you have not tried it yet, you are missing out big time so speak to your hairdresser or us at Jojoba Cosmetics on 02080904788

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