Top Mens Hairstyles For 2023

Looking your best can make a huge difference, at work, in dating, making new friends, even getting better service in restaurants. For most people one of the first things they notice is your hairstyle. It’s time to step your hair up a notch, and get a great look for this year.

Check out the men’s hair care products we offer. Below are the most trendy hairstyles for men of 2023.

The Fade

Fades are one of the most trendy hairstyles this year. They are both versatile and sharp. Barbers uses the electric clipper to gradually increase hair grade as it gets closer to the top. The effect is to gradually fade the hair into the skin.

What’s great about the style is the variety is offers. It can be paired with almost any hairstyle at the top. It works with hair types ranging from curly, afro, and straight hair. There are different types of fade depending on where it starts from and how steep you want the gradient: taper fade; skin fade; and low, medium or high fade. All this combines to make it one of the most popular hairstyles of the year.


The Comb-Over

This is a classic straight hair style is combed to one side. It’s a more mature style that looks sophisticated and classy. Men usually pair comb with a fade or undercut for the back and sides.

Comb-overs give the hair more volume and make even short hair look longer. A popular variation with younger men incorporates a line where the parting starts in the head, which adds sharpness.



The fringe is a great low maintenance straight hair style. The hair falls over the forehead, giving a casual, relaxed vibe. With a fringes the sides are usually shorter. There are many different ways of cutting the fringe itself, for example the side-swept fringe, french crop, the angular fringe, etc. After the cut itself, the fringe lends itself to lots of different styling options, depending on how you want to feel on any given day.

( Gilbert Wikimedia Commons)


The undercut is another classic mens hairstyle that’s come back in recent years. Your barber will buzz the hair very short on the sides and left long at the top. It’s a very flexible style that works just as well with straight, wavy, or curly hair. The undercut suits men of all ages. The contrast between the longer top and the extremely short sides makes the hair look naturally longer and healthier. You usually won’t need product to make this work, but some men like to put a little texture in or something to give the top extra hold.



Another classic mens hairstyle, the quiff features longer hair at the front with less further back on the head. The back and sides are close cropped but not usually shaved or buzzed. The quiff is usually styled with hair products such as wax to add volume and texture by bringing the hair up and out of the head at the front.



This 90s favourite features a long centre parted fringe with the rest of the hair a medium length. It’s a classic hairstyle made famous by 90s icons David Beckham and Tom Cruise. Tik Tok influencers and K-Pop have brought the look back as one of the most fashionable styles in 2023.



Very similar to the quiff, with short sides and long hair on the top, the pompadour is a long high top paired with an undercut to give the look an extra smart sharpness. This is not a low maintenance look, but the effort is worth it for a highly polished image.

To keep up with this style, you need a strong hair product (wax or pomade), a blow dryer and a comb. Comb the hair backwards to give it some lift and apply product and heat to keep the hair in shape.


Whatever style you choose, make sure it’s a look you’re happy with that expresses your personality. Try our Jojoba clay wax for extra impact and durable styling that can stand up to your day.

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