Top Men’s Trending Haircuts Right Now

Far too many men have the same haircut year after year. Hair is an excellent avenue for creative self-expression. Don’t forget that men’s haircuts are not a ‘one style for all,’ and yes, styles change.

How you do your hair leaves a lasting impression. Make the decision carefully and choose a style that’s fresh, contemporary and fits your personality.

1. Regulation Cut

The military inspired regulation cut is one of the most popular male haircuts around. This classic low maintenance style has been around for decades and looks as fresh today as ever. It is based on army regulations about maximum hair length. It looks good with any clothing style and is extremely practical.

Great For: busy men who want to look good without styling their hair every day.

2. High and Tight

This fashionable haircut shaves the sides and back of the hair, but keeping the top a little longer. High and Tight is a very comfortable, clean style that can be easily dressed up or down. It can be styled either messy or sleek, with the extra length on top giving you plenty of options with gel or texturing cream.

Great For: A versatile style that fits both the office and the nightclub.

3. Short Spiky Hair

This 90s staple is making a 2020s comeback. You take the sides and back very short and chop the top with scissors to give it a wavy look. The look has a casual edge to it that many men find more relaxed and down to earth than more classic formal cuts.

Great For: Men on the move who find suits restrictive.

4. Slick Back Taper Fade

A classic slicked back hairstyle given a contemporary twist. The hair is brought straight back from the forehead, and tapers down gradually on the sides and at the back. It gradually shortens as it goes down the head so it blends into the skin. This cut requires more styling and maintenance but makes a sophisticated first impression.

Great For: A contemporary, urbane trend that keeps it current.

5. Textured crop

This hairstyle became extremely popular thanks to Thomas Shelby from the Netflix show Peaky Blinders. The hair is cut very short on the back and sides and slightly longer on the top, but combed towards the front. This cut is immensely practical. Your hair will need minimal styling and will stay out of your way, but it still looks fresh and classic. Expect to look just as good in a suit or a hoodie with this flexible fashion.

Great For: Staying classy while keeping a masculine edge.

Whatever style you choose, keep your hair looking soft and lustrous with our jojoba and black caviar hair cream.

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