Treat your hair this Christmas, with our four handy tips for maintaining healthy hair

colored-hair‘Snow is falling… all around me…’ Great for you, not so great for your hair! It can be difficult to maintain good hair health at this time of year. Not only do we have to deal with the harshest weather conditions – rain, wind, sleet, hail, snow (take a breath), but there’s also the pressure of looking amazing for the Christmas party! Your hair is subjected to a range of different conditions in winter; blow drying and intense heat when you’re inside, cold and damp when you’re outside, and less sunshine means less vitamin D to naturally nourish your locks. But never fear! There are many things you can do to maintain healthy hair so that you have the best barnet at the Christmas party and beyond! Just look at our four handy tips:

1. Good grooming habits

When it comes to promoting growth, taking good care of your hair is of the utmost importance. Try to stay away from frequent heat treatments by saving straightening or curling for only the A-list events! It’s also crucial that you regularly wash your hair with high-quality shampoo and conditioner. Add an oil treatment to your hair care regime every so often to give your tresses extra nourishment. This will make your hair shine as brightly as your Christmas lights, if you keep it up!

2. Scalp massage

Having your scalp massaged regularly is an excellent way to stimulate circulation in the scalp and prepare the follicles for growth. Hairdressers and massage therapists will often use nourishing essential oils when massaging too. Why not pop in to your hairdresser or massage therapist while doing your Christmas shopping, and give your hair a gift too?

3. Healthy diet

Remember, the health of your hair isn’t just dependant on what you do to it outside your body. You need to be taking care of yourself from within too, and this starts with a healthy, nutritious diet. Go for foods that are rich in vitamin B (such as fatty fish and wholegrain cereal) and iron (such as red meat, fish, lentils, and leafy green vegetables – a lot of which can be found in your Christmas dinner!). Protein and vitamin C are also essential, so bear this in mind when hitting the Christmas buffet!

4. Your hair is for life, not just for Christmas

Many Mon Platin treatments can make the keratin structure of hair follicles stronger, and can be used to promote hair growth, making sure that your hair will be just as gorgeous as your new Christmas outfit! Keep following these tips after the tree comes down too, so that you can have gorgeous, healthy hair all year round!

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