Easy hairstyles!

Opting for looks that are simple but yet trendy? you have come to the right place… I am going to show you how to do trendy, stylish, chic hairstyles!

Like every hair accessory that’s ever existed, the ’90s claw clip was due for a comeback, and that time is now!

  1. Make a low ponytail with your hair and twist it until half of the length of your unsecured ponytail is firmly coiled. If you have short hair, you may only need one twist; if you have long hair, you may need several.
  2. Raise the coiled base of your ponytail against the back of your head in the middle. When you twist your hair, it should be tight enough that it does not puff out or loosen.
  3. Use your claw clip to secure the highest section of the coiled hair against the roots. It’s possible that you’ll have to repeat this procedure with the clip until you get the desired grip on your scalp.
  4. Fall the loose ends of your ponytail (the lower half of your ponytail) over the French twist.
  5. You can also personalise it.

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