Get the look – Kim Kardashian

Want a simple, sleek and easy look? Want to pull this look off as well as Kim Kardashian pulls this look off just so effortlessly? well here’s our guide how to achieve this look…

Parting your hair!

Part your hair, (in whichever place you fancy) slick it with our jojoba gel, or if your hair is greasy enough slick it with the natural oils in your hair. (no judgement). This look this perfect for messy/greasy hair days as if your hair is a little greasy less products are needed to be used. Using a comb, brush strands slightly downwards into a tight ponytail, and then plait your long lengths into a rope-like braid.

If you’re not so keen on the parting, you can opt for a fully scraped-back look! Tag us on Facebook with your fabulous hairstyles/transformations! @Monplatinuk

How to plait hair: Divide your hair into three individual strands – left, middle, and right. Then take the left section, cross it over the middle one. Then take the right strand, and cross it over the new middle strand. Lastly Keep crossing and alternating all the way down. Be sure to pull the braid tightly with each stitch to achieve a neat look. Don’t forget to secure your braid with a small, clear elastic and there you have your immaculate braid!