Fun, Easy Hairstyles!

Love trying new hairstyles all the time? or just want a change? Here are some fun, easy hairstyles to ask your hairdresser to accomplish or just to do at home! space buns, messy buns, braided buns, or just a single hair bun. Hair buns are fit for every occasion. Party? Job interview? or just laid back errands? Yet again this hairstyle is perfect. As seen down below, we have Jess and Eve rocking them.

Here’s our step by step instructions…

Step 1: gathering your supplies!

First a hair brush,

Then clear elastics, hair grips, a tail comb and our fashion edition hairspray.

Step 2: Brush the hair!

Brush your hair with our paddle brush until all tangles and knots are gone. Brushing your hair is so important not only to achieve this hairstyle but also is so important because brushing your hair is like a massage, the hair brushing stimulates your scalp. Which is to encourage blood flow and hair growth. But don’t worry if you are ‘losing’ hair as you tend to shed 50-100 strands a day.

Step 3: part your hair!

Part your hair into two alike sections by creating a middle part use the handle of the rat tail comb to create the parting. Make sure parting is in the middle of the head as the buns won’t have equal amounts of hair on each side of the hair.

Step 4: create your ponytails!

Create your ponytails! gather one section of hair and tie the hair into a ponytail on the top of your head or the bottom depending on your preference. Then do the same one on the other side, making sure there are no knots or tangles use a hairbrush. Made sure both ponytails are leveled next to each other as much as possible as we don’t want our buns being lopsided.

Step 5: The buns!

Create your buns! wrap the length of your hair around the base of the ponytail. Want more volume in hair? backcomb your hair (your preference) this will create thicker-looking hair if the hair is already thin or just add hair extensions. Then Place hair grips in the hair (made sure they are the same color as your hair). Repeat on both sides.

Step 6: top up the look!

Finish the look by pulling out strands of hair around your forehead to create a softer, messier look. If you’re not wanting the messy look then just leave buns as normal. But if you did leave the strands out then using a hair straightener or hair wand can give the hair a wispier look.

Step 7: completing the look!

Wrap up the look by spritzing the hair with hairspray over your creation. Make sure hairstyle is taken out before bed as sleeping with hair up in a ponytail/bun can cause damage and breakage.

And the look is complete! now you have your favorite celebrities hairstyle!

Wanting to upgrade your space buns? adding glitter, fancy hair ties or even temporary color!

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