liberty Poole! get her sleek, blonde hair.

Liberty Poole, one of the new love island contestants! love her lush, silky, blonde hair? Here is how we achieve her look…

First of all, start by washing the hair to lift all the dirt and oils out of the hair then a second shampoo with the total blonde shampoo for blonde hair to wash away all the grime.

Also in our range, we have the sliver effect shampoo. This unique shampoo is specially designed for grey, yellowing, or silver hair.

For maximum results use our total blonde hair mask. Not only does it nourish the hair, but it also helps to maintain color purity.

Once the hair is washed and ready for blow-drying use the 12 in 1 multi-action hair cream, spray approximately 3-5 squirts depending on the thickness of the hair. To achieve Liberty Poole’s hair the 12 in 1 is essential for her sleek, soft, glossy hair. The 12 in 1 multi-action hair cream not only does it creates shine, but also detangles the hair, and is easy to control, it lasts for the most important events such as pool parties, clubbing, and dinner dates. Don’t worry about that dreaded humidity! As the 12 in 1 does the perfect job.

Once the 12 in 1 is applied to towel-dried hair comb through and start your blow-dry (blow-dry until smooth). Using are superb brushes!

To achieve her polished look, use hair straighteners (maximum heat 200 degrees, depending on the thickness of the hair). Once straightened until shiny, the black caviar hair serum (pea-sized amount onto the hand) seals the look in place to take the perfect Instagram pictures.

For fringes, or just to add volume to the hair, blow-dry hair upwards and add a roller into the front of the hair for 30 mins. Add hairspray all over to lock in the look and the Liberty Poole look is complete!

Anti Break Professional Hair Color

Wanting to achieve her total look? Using the right products is key to not only achieve her color but to upkeep the health of your hair. The anti-break super ultra lift, (AB 12.01) mixing ratio of 1;1.5. This formula not only nurtures your hair but provides the most beautiful ash blonde in the range. Let your hairdresser know the formula and you are good to go!

But also! we have the anti-break super bleaching powder. This formula can create the lightest, palest, glowing color imaginably.

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