Top tips for afro hair

One of the first steps for caring for your afro hair is finding and creating a routine. You need to find what works for your hair and what doesn’t work so well for you. If you don’t have a routine, it’s hard to find the root of any problems you are having with your hair. We would suggest trying to find a hair routine with your hairdresser or on YouTube with someone who has similar hair and similar challenges with their hair as making your own routine can take a bit of time and daunting. But if you’re just looking for a simple routine that can fit in to your everyday lifestyle, I’m sure you could make it work for yourself. A simple approach that is simple and easy to maintain is cleanse, moisturise and style.


On the next step were going to talk about the problems you can occur with afro hair and how to solve them. The first problem of afro hair is breakage and the reason this happens is because of the hair being curly the natural oils of the scalp fail to reach the ends of the hair leading to them being dry and in conclusion snapping off. It can also be using too much heat on your hair weather that be straighteners or a hair dryer it will weaken the hair the same with using chemicals on your hair for example a common one is bleach-based hair dyes.

The way to avoid breakage in afro hair is to make sure the ends of your hair are evenly moisturised. We would suggest finger detangle or using a wide-tooth comb when styling your hair and would even go as far as recommending to not use cotton pillow cases and instead sleep a satin bonnet or on a silk pillowcase. We recommend this as cotton takes away the moisture of your hair and absorbs it and another point is that when sleeping on a cotton pillow case it can create friction between your hair and the pillow case and could lead to it easily snapping off as cotton is a rough material.


Dandruff is a big problem with all types of hair but especially afro hair, using harsh hair products can cause dandruff and escalate the problem further. It can also be caused when too much natural oil from the scalp builds up and if hair is frequently washed it can lead to skin flaking.

To conquer dandruff, we would recommend washing your hair every 7-10 days and invest in a fragrance-free shampoo, to help moisturise the scalp. Use a shampoo such as Mon Platin Professional Black Caviar Total Clean Anti Dandruff Treatment Shampoo 500ml

Hair loss

Hair loss is another big problem for afro hair and one most frequent causes of hair loss include tight braids or extensions and damage from rough touching of the hair and the use of chemicals. Using the incorrect equipment can lead to hair loss and breakage, for example, rough bristle brushes or combs with dozens of tiny teeth will pull out your hair and damage the hair that is left behind. If you were to keep that sort of wrong treatment up it wouldn’t be long before you would notice the hair loss and bald patches. Stress can also play a huge factor in hair loss and 3-4 months after giving birth many women will find they lose their hair in bulks. But nothing to be too worried about as its very normal and settles down after a few weeks.

Ways of stopping hair loss is when you are braiding your hair make sure the size of the braid is no smaller than a regular sized pencil but ideally larger than that. We would also heavily recommend in self-care as stress is a huge factor in hair loss.

These are some of the main ways to keep care of your afro hair and we hope and we know if these steps are followed you will be able to see successful results and will notice the major difference of your healthier hair.

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