Football’s most memorable haircuts

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According to a recent study, Kevin Keegan’s perm, Sir Bobby Charlton’s comb-over and Ruud Gullit’s dreads are among football’s most memorable haircuts.

A poll of 2,000 male football fans has acknowledged the styles from over the years which are still talked about today such as Chris Waddle’s infamous mullet, Carlos Valderrama’s unusual locks, Paul Gascoigne’s bleached crop, David Beckham’s iconic mohawk, and the protractor-like hairstyle from Brazilian footballer Ronaldo in the 2002 World Cup.

Trendy hairstyles of modern players include Jack Grealish’s undercut, Olivier Giroud’s shaved style and the ever-changing hairstyles of Dele Alli such as the dreaded locks – have also been voted among the greatest.

This study was authorised by, which has created a quiz to test fans’ knowledge of famous footballer haircuts.

A spokesman for said: “It’s great to see football haircuts of the ages, like Kevin Keegan’s perm and Ruud Gullit’s dreads, being mentioned in the sport today.

“Not only that, but also the popularity of superstars such as Paul Pogba coloured fades, and of course Jack Grealish’s popular undercut with his Alice band.” Other footballer’s such as England’s Connor Gallagher have replicated Jack Grealish’s style with the headband.

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David Beckham, throughout his career, was constantly changing his hairstyle – his curtains being the most popular choice. Many football fans have tried to copy the hairstyles of their idols, particularly David Beckham.

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Almost one in five have attempted Cristiano Ronaldo’s tramline undercut, while Jack Grealish’s style has been a fashionable choice for 17 percent of fans.

Even 16 percent have gone for Freddie Ljungberg’s controversial red mohawk from his days at Arsenal.

A third of fans said they fancied something new when asked why they copy a footballer’s hairstyle, while 30 percent liked the player’s sense of style.

Although 28 percent admitted to going for the haircut after losing a bet.

A further 27 percent said they replicated footballer hairstyles to become more attractive to potential new partners.

83 percent were satisfied with the overall haircut they copied of those who went all in, and even 20 percent have gone on to copy the same style at least four times.

It also transpired that football fans will spend an average of £43 to copy the hairstyle of their favourite player.

While a third of those polled, via OnePoll, believe replicating the same haircut as a footballer is all part of being a fan.

Manchester City and England star Phil Foden became such a fashion and hair icon during England’s Euro 2020 campaign that young fans across the country were stating that if Gareth Southgate’s side were to win the tournament, they would replicate the ‘Phil Foden trim.’

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  1. David Beckham’s curtains
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo’s sexy tramline undercut
  3. Brazilian Ronaldo’s protractor-like haircut
  4. Jack Grealish’s undercut (with Alice band)
  5. Kevin Keegan’s perm
  6. Zlatan Ibrahimović’s hair bun
  7. Freddie Ljungberg’s red mohawk
  8. Paul Gascoigne’s bleached crop
  9. Sir Bobby Charlton’s comb-over
  10. Olivier Giroud’s half-shaved hairstyle

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