How to deal with thick hair!

Dealing with thick is a struggle, especially In the summer! sweaty necks, knots, or humidity. That’s a problem we all want to avoid! But here are some top tips on how to deal with thick hair…

Make use of serum. Serums and hair oils can help your strands lay flatter by reducing frizz. This will make your hair silkier and more manageable.

Combing your tangles!

Knots tied with Boy Scout strength are tied with thick hair. It’s time-consuming and hair-damaging to comb or paddle brush through it. You’ll never use a comb again after using the Tangle Teezer. They have short, flexible bristles that won’t rip out delicate hairs.

The weather is becoming warmer, and the air is thick with summer’s promise. Fantastic, that’s right? No, not for your gigantic hair. Using the 12 in 1 hair cream to fight that dreaded humidity!

Comb your hair with a tangle Teezer while you’re in the shower, you should brush out your hair after you’ve conditioned to banish knots, then again with a wide-tooth comb once you get out of the shower to delete tangles for good.