The correct way to use a hair mask!

As many of us over lockdown decided to try becoming our own hairdresser we may find ourselves searching for a more hydrating product to try revive our “over loved” and perhaps over processed hair through the use of box dyes and at home bleaching. For this there is nothing better than a good deep conditioning hair mask.

For this we recommend nothing better than our Mon Plantin Professional honey & olive oil hair mask!

Olive oil is a natural ingredient that has been popular in hair care for centuries as the properties in olive oil penetrate the hair shaft locking in both moisture adding strength and softness to the hair, it also soothes the outer cuticle adding a healthy shine.

On dry or wet hair?

With all the information out there on hair care you may be asking one of the most common questions around hair masks, do I put it on dry hair? well the answer that we recommend is to use your hair mask after shampooing your hair. We recommend this as shampooing your hair gets rid of all the product build up on your hair letting the hair mask penetrate the cuticle more easily so it can lock in as much moisture as possible.

Apply hair mask after shampoo- wash hair first with shampoo then towel dry hair and apply mask while hair is still damp so that the hair follicle is still opened.

Don’t apply to roots- the roots of your hair are less damaged, and you will only need to apply the mask to the mid part of your hair to the ends. Combing this through will create even distribution and get rid of tangles. (The roots of your hair regulate themselves and will produce more oil if you keep applying hair masks to them, so it’s best to leave them as the oil from your roots nourishes your scalp)

How long to leave on for- if you’re just looking for a quick pick me up 10 minutes will do the trick and leave hair feeling renewed and refreshed giving a healthy shine and will add a moisture boost. But occasionally leaving the treatment on overnight is recommended and this can be done by simply shampooing your hair and then applying the hair mask from mid to ends of the hair and placing a shower cap over your head, then getting some beauty sleep and simply washing it off in the morning.



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