22 hairstyles you’re bound to see all 2022!

Credit- lavishhairandbeautybar Credit- allthingshair

  1. Effortless Braids

The effortlessly working from home look is following through to 2022, which isn’t a surprise! As people these days seem to be moving away from heat tools and learning to be more comfortable with their naturals locks we will definitely be seeing this casual untamed look a lot more. This hairstyle is the perfect definition of organised mess!

Instagram- Benigno Hayuela Instagram- maneaddicts

2. Wispy Bangs

If you haven’t been living under a rock this last year then you know bangs have made a huge comeback! From the blunt straight across fringe to the wannabe ‘it girl’ curtain bangs that swept Tiktokers off their feet. The fringe has definitely forced its way into 2022, just with a slightly different appearance…

Wispy bangs have gained popularity across tiktok lately and we’re sure they’ll pick up even more throughout 2022, especially in the warmer months! This choppy look is for sure a great alternative to the blunt looks we’dn been seeing all through 2021. It’s a great look for the curly girls who aren’t yet fully ready to commit to a bolder bang look just yet!

Instagram- bellasalonatx Instagram- megan_hairstylist_ottaw

3. Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights have unquestionably been popping up more and more in the recent months. But have no fear, I can promise were not talking about that high contrast blonde and brunette style that had the early to mid 2000s on a chokehold. While this look is inspired by that, I can assure the kids of today have modernised it to perfection! The chunky highlighted looks we’ve been seeing incorporates shades that are much closer together to offer dimension to the style rather than a high contrast look.

Instagram- aimeehxoxo125 Instagram- elevatehair

4. 70s Tiktok Hair Trends

The shaggy with various layers look that dominated Tiktok in 2021 will definitely be seen throughout 2022, ESPECIALLY in spring. A fun hairstyle that can be achieved with short, medium or long hair making it very versatile no matter what length you’ve opted for!

Instagram- andreabordeaux Instagram- cajsawessberg

5. Chopped Natural haircuts

So many of us are looking to embrace out natural locks this year, whether that’s taking the transition slowly or bravely facing the big chop! The cropped cut is the perfect look for those wanting to start anew without going through some of the odd looking stages transitioning has to offer.

Instagram- toniandguy_malta Instagram- staceylouisehair

6. Effortless waves

The uncomplicated wavey look is definitely the summertime look everyone’s looking for. Simply put its where simplicity meets style! Using straighteners or a curling iron is the quickest way to do it without curling you’re whole head but still keeping the same texture. However, don’t fear, there’s definitely an option for the heatless babes as well! Simply wrap WET hair around a piece of cotton fabric ie an old T-shirt and wait for it to dry. The cotton fabric will help absorb the water without putting too much friction on the hair, causing the dreaded frizz ball look that definitely isn’t in our list.

Instagram- ziquesalonspa Instagram- siksharai_

7. Flipped layers

This flipped look combines 70s volume with the 2000s flips and we’re living for it! The blowout seems to softer the flips giving it the modern twist it needed which is also short, medium and long hair friendly!

Instagram- boho.blonde.australia Instagram- hairbyshan

8. The Red head

Anyone that is anyone seems to have gone or is going auburn this year! We’ve been seeing these shades of auburn and copper being incorporated into the trendiest styles to offer a warmer and more vibrant style as with the season.

Instagram- laila.wella Instagram- frizzynoodles_

9. Voluminous Curls

Whether you have naturally curly hair or not, voluminous curls are here and they’re staying! As you’ve probably noticed the textured look is really popping off in 2022 and the springy curls cannot be forgotten. This look can be achieve in may ways for those who have naturally straighter hair but the skinny curling rod method is taking TikTok by storm.

Instagram- toniandguyworld Instagram- aohair_

10. Textured layers

Textured layers has been sprinkled onto so many hairstyles and it doesn’t seem to be fading out anytime soon. One thing about this style that’s so lovable is that the layers can be adjusted to fit any face and any cut. So can be paired with any length.

Instagram- @_danielledoeshair Credit- tatisantoswt

11. Brunette hair colours.      

Over the last couple of months we’ve been seeing our favourite celebrities go for more medium brunette shades instead of the once so popular blonde balayage that swept us all of our feet. At first it seemed to be because brunette shades are much easier to maintain during the winter but even as we near closer to summer it seems more and more of our once blonde babes are opting for deeper shades. The most popular ask, for this look in salons these days is a ‘chocolate brown hue’.

Instagram- yukistylist Instagram- revistaphs

12. Blunt Bob

The Blunt Bob has always been a classic but were seeing an increase of people ditching their long locks for this look, and we’re here for it!

Instagram- beautymeetsartistry Instagram- thefoundrysalon

13. Blunt Lobs

For those looking for a shorter look that’s easier to style but aren’t quite ready to commit to a full bob, here we have the lob! This style is the reworked version of the bob, a modern twist if you will. It’s still just as much of a classic as its sister style, the blunt bob.

Instagram- amimcpartlin_hairstylist Instagram- latesthair

14. Long bangs

The curtain bangs were easily top 2 of 2021 and let me tell you this, they weren’t 2. This style is 100% popping up in 2022 but but with a slightly longer fringe. This is a great style for anyone that’s new to bangs, it can help you get used to the look and you can go shorter overtime! You’re also able to keep them out of updos but tuck them behind your ear when you need them out of your face.

Credit- totalbeauty.com Instagram- @haileybeiber

15. Tendrils

These haves always been in-style and I don’t see them ever leaving. The beautiful little curls that frame the face from the front of the hairline that give a naturally beautiful affect to any updo. The untamed baby hairs end up being the focal point to the updo and often bring together any messy bun.

Instagram- salon_wyld Instagram- danam_mua

16. Face framing Layers

As you can tell this year is the year of the bangs! This style is so simple yet so elegant. This look can be worn with multiple layers throughout the style or just two cut pieces at the front to frame the face.

Instagram- marcus_unisex_salon Instagram- alexcutsmyhair

17. Mid-length cut with layers

There’s nothing more classic than a mid-length cut with layers. Whether you’re growing out a bob or moving on from out 2021 wolf cut trend this style will see you through whilst keeping it cute.

Instagram- mirrormirrorfindon Instagram- heavenlyextensions_cardiff

18. Long straight strands

As we’ve seen the y2k era making a return, so have many of their hair trends. This long straight strands look is definitely giving off throwback vibes and we WILL be seeing more of this in 2022.

Instagram- @haiybytory Instagram- @migueldoeshair

19. Textured fringe

 The days of the perfectly preppy fringe are over. 2022 seems to be the year that we start embracing our natural selves, this could be because of the fact that the maintenance of certain styles have been so poor over the last 2 years due to lockdowns. Where all about letting our natural selves shine through! Years before so many people felt they had to straighten their bangs, even if their hair was curly but were starting to see curly freedom, even when it comes to the bangs!

Instagram- @amaka.ae Instagram- @lorraynebm

20. Naturally curly hair

The heat tools are catching dust as the popularity of the chilled, laidback look has caused people to embrace their naturally curly texture. Whether your hair is wavy or full on coils avoiding heat and chemical straighteners are really big this year but we believe this trend will only gain more popularity through the years to come.

Instagram- @gregcassese Instagram- @chloescissorhandz

21. Textured shaggy bob

This textured look was the go to of summer 2021 and continues to capture the world. It’s great that were seeing much more experimentation when it comes to curly hair cuts.

Instagram- @teryhwang Instagram- @beautybybeezy

22. Long layered hair

The classic of all classics! This is a common haircut technique that’s often added to longer strands to add movement and give the hair some shape. Those who are sporting long lengths these days seem to be asking for long layers!

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