Top tips for curly hair!

Excessive shampooing should be avoided!

While the frequency with which you wash your hair is totally up to you and is often determined by a number of factors—scalp moisture, sebum production, and workout regimen, to name a few—curly hair types should avoid shampooing as much as possible. To put it another way, you should probably avoid shampooing your hair every day. Textured hair requires its natural oils to keep it healthy, and over-shampooing can cause it to dry out, resulting in damage and breakage. Try cleaning it only once or twice a week for the greatest effects.

Profect hair while you sleep!

Protecting your hair while you sleep may appear to be a high-maintenance process, but it is an important part of caring for your textured hair. Your sheets’ cotton fabric is just too rough on your delicate strands, no matter how pricey they are. Cotton also absorbs your hair’s natural oils while you’re sleeping, dehydrating your strands. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf, a bonnet cap, or sleep on a silk pillowcase to help retain your curl pattern and limit the amount of friction your curls are exposed to throughout the night. Your curls will be smooth, lustrous, and full of life in the morning!

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