Top tips for thin hair!

Thin, or thinning hair is a massive rock on your confidence. Learning how to beat or deal with your thin hair can be a life-changer for most people. But here at Mon Platin are we going to teach you how to combat thin hair!


Hair follicles create smaller, thinner, and less noticeable hairs when the active growth phase or anagen phase of your hair becomes shorter, resulting in thinning hair. If the anagen phase is interrupted completely, the afflicted hair follicles will cease producing new hair and eventually fall out, resulting in hair loss.

Top tips!

When drying your hair, use volumizing shampoos and a volume-enhancing root-lift spray to make the hair rise up from the scalp, giving it a thicker appearance.

Also, leave-in conditioners and strong hairsprays, which flatten fine hair, should be avoided.

Some hair experts suggest that blasting thinning and fine hair with a cool or cold water final rinse will close the cuticle and cause hair to swell slightly, giving it the appearance of being thicker.

Remember that whether you have thin or thick hair does not determine who you are! We’re all stunning!

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