Top Tips for wavy hair!

If you’ve been gifted with wavy hair and don’t know how to style or maintain it, you’ve come to the perfect place! Not knowing how to style your hair can be really frustrating, using the wrong products for your hair type can lead to an extremely bad hair day! But using the right product for your hair can lead to having a fabulous hair day! and who wouldn’t want that?

We have two frequent problems with wavy hair: frizz and keeping the curls in place. The good news is that we know how to solve both problems: moisture. Moisture is essential for waves that stay put and don’t frizz. Using the 12 in 1 not only does combat frizz but holds moisture. Which helps to keep the curls intact.

With our black caviar total volumizer shampoo for curly hair and black caviar rejuvenating conditioner, you can keep a proper moisture balance. Follow up with our black caviar hair mask for a truly nourishing treatment. If you still have frizz in your hair, our 12 in 1 will help you restore control.

Maintain your composure. The greatest way to preserve the curl and avoid frizz is to keep the temperature low. So, hold the moisture in using the right wavy hair products and keep the styling tools on low heat.

Make use of the finger twirl. A simple, easy approach to calm frizz and preserve curls is to use your fingertips to assist define your hair’s contours.