Top tips for straight hair!

Straight hair! you would think that having straight hair that would be a walk in the park, but no. Having straight hair usually, comes with being thin. This is a massive struggle for many men and women. Having dull, flat hair but because it’s straight people assume it’s an easy keep up since straight hair is more susceptible to oil, dirt, and moisture.

Wash your hair every other day with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo to avoid drying out your strands, and once a week with a clarifying shampoo to prevent product build-up.

Fine hair becomes oily, weighed down, and cries for a wash. It becomes limper as more grease is created. This is why we use dry shampoo or baby powder between washes. Also, select products that contain natural ingredients and give your hair a healthy boost without sticky residue that can weigh down the hair over time.

Wet hair should not be slept on. This is one approach to encourage frizz or cowlicks, which will be more difficult to remove in the morning. Spray a leave-in conditioner over your tresses and pull into a loose braid if you decide to go to bed with damp hair.

When you desire curly hair, having straight hair can be challenging, but use hairspray or finishing spray to keep the curls in place. Have you ever curled your hair only to find that an hour later it has lost its bounce? To keep your curls in place, use products to retain them in place. Also, if you want looser curls, comb through your hair with your fingers rather than a brush.