Mon Platin products in after colour care

silver hair colourWe asked colour and balayage specialist @rachelseltcolouristlondon for some inspiration in colour care. She uses Mon Platin Anti Break Colour on many of her clients. Check out some of the fab looks she creates on her Instagram

“MON PLATIN products have been such an excellent addition for me and my clients for their after colour care.

BLACK CAVIAR TOTAL REPAIR SHAMPOO is my go to post colour with every client, which not only leaves your hair feeling super strong & silky but the shine is just incredible.

My other favourite product is the BLACK CAVIAR TOTAL BLONDE HAIR MASK.

I am not a huge fan of silver/purple shampoos as I find some brands can be quite drying and they can end up taking the shine out of my blondes.

This is honestly one of the best blonde hair products I have ever used.

I, myself use this product once a week as my weekly treatment.

After washing I towel dry my hair then apply it and comb it through and leave it on for around 10 minutes.

It instantly takes out any brassy tones and the shine is just everything!

I have actually found it to be a great replacement for a toner on a lot of clients.”

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