the wet look!

Kim Kardashian, blake lively, Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, and so many more celebrities are trying out this new fashionable wet look! This look is by far the easiest look to do at home/in the salon! want to recreate this new, trendy hairstyle? well here’s how you recreate this look…

how to achieve the wet look!

STEP 1: styling your hair straight from wet…

To do this mix our jojoba gel hair gel and shine cream between your hands and smooth through the hair from front to back, comb through to get it all in place, and finish by smoothing out the comb lines with your fingers. Avoid any setting products, especially mousse – this will stop the ‘crispy at the roots and dry at the ends’ ordeal.

STEP 2: The fake wet look!

Dirty, greasy, 3- day old looking hair? The wet look is utterly faultless! Grab your old-fashioned pomade and start by mixing it with our jojoba crystal wax and smooth hair from front to back and comb through as repeated above. The slick back gives a super cool rock chic, greaser vibe, it’s edgier and more empowering. Wanting to still have your parting with your new, popular wet look? Having a side parting with the wet look gives real evening sophistication.

Place hair grips behind your ears to hold the look in place – if you keep it nice and tight behind the ears it’s not such a problem if the top and back start to move a little through the course of the night.


Wet look hair with curly hair is exceptional it’s easier and less harsh than poker a straight finish.

Stick to the same rules as straight but ditch the comb and let your fingers do the work and you will have your sultry wet look!

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