How 12in1 can revolutionise your hair care routine

We recently spoke to one of our customers who has switched from using various hair product to our black caviar 12 in 1 multi action hair cream. Her feedback on how it has completely improved her hair care routine is incredible.

“Having very thick, wavy and frizzy hair I always used to use 3 different types of products (a serum, mouse and a Redken heat protector) after washing my hair to tame it and before I would straighten it with my hair drier and straightening irons. I used to find straightening it myself really stressful and a real chore. Even after a blow dry my hair would still look dry, static and frizzy. Since using the black caviar 12 in 1 the condition of my hair has really improved. It’s now so much smoother and straightens so much easier than it did before. I used to wash and blow dry my hair a couple of times a week and now I only need to do it once as my hair stays straight and glossy for a whole week. Its so easy to use, after washing my hair with Mon Platin total repair shampoo and total reviving conditioner, I apply about 3-6 sprays evenly over my hair and then brush it through with a detangle brush. Then blow dry and straighten. I also give the ends a little spritze throughout the week if I see them getting a bit messy and it really helps to keep my hair looking freshly blow dried. There is also the added bonus, it smells amazing. People always ask me what perfume I’m wearing and it’s actually the scent from my hair they can smell. The fact that I only need one product now instead of 3 means I save myself money and when I go away on holiday I only need to take this with me now. It’s great on holiday as it has sun protection filters too. It’s a real gem of a find. I actually look forward to my once a week hair routine now!! Don’t know how I lived without it!!! Lol!!🤷🏻‍♀️