From Mon Platin with love.. Read this heart felt quote from one of our lovely hairdressers

Dear our valued clients

Keep reading to see a heart felt quote from one of our hairdressers. We think it is very emotional and inspirational!

Monplatinuk want to wish each and every one of you good health and we are hoping after listening to government guidelines that all hairdressers and salons can hopefully open from the 4th July. Before the massive rush place your order in advance so you have everything ready for your clients.

We are here to help with product advice, colour expert knowledge and how we can help your clients look after their hair before returning to the salon. As a hair product company we pride ourselves in supplying our salons with back wash products, colour and bleach, styling, finishing products and not forgetting home care retail range.

Since March when lock down went into place, The Mon Platin team have missed each one of you. To us you are not just sales clients, we have missed all our lovely chats, hearing about all your families and hope you have all been safe and well. We want to help you get ready the best we can and are offering 10% OFF orders made before 1st July. Call us on 0208 090 4788 or visit our website- use discount code monplatin10

Here is a heart felt quote by one of our lovely hairdressers Alex Salomon. We love it!

To all whose career is JUST HAIR …

I thought I’d share to all my fellow Hairdressers

This is what I do, it’s just hair, right?

It’s just hair – When I got to be a part of your wedding day!

It’s just hair – When I was there for your first date!

It’s just hair- When I prayed for you and cried when you told me a family member or YOU had cancer.

It’s just hair- When you told me you were getting divorced/separated.

It’s just hair – When you were heartbroken and cried on my shoulder

It’s just hair- When we had so much fun doing your prom hair

It’s just hair – When I was the person you told your secrets to

It’s just hair- I was the first person you told you were expecting!

It’s just hair- When we did your hair at 9PM on a weeknight & laughed so hard!

It’s just hair- When you looked forward to relaxing with a new treatment

It’s just hair- When you got offered your dream job and nobody else knew but me and you!

It’s just hair- When you met the person of your dreams and they proposed!!

It’s just hair- When all you wanted in the whole world was a hug from your hairdresser because you knew I’d give it to you with open arms! (So many hugs!)

It’s just hair- When you lost your job and didn’t know what you were going to do.

It’s just hair- When you had a terrible day and looked forward to being able to vent without being judged.

It’s just hair- When you are about to go on holiday and can’t wait to tell me all about it on your next visit.

It’s just hair- When you bought your very first home.

It’s not “just hair” for any of us in this industry!!!!

You have touched the lives of so many people and for that you deserve to be appreciated and recognised!

To all my clients of the past, present and future thank you for being some very special people in my life!

To all our educators in the industry, you impact lives like you will never realise

And to you JUST HAIRDRESSERS… You’re amazing

We look forward to speaking to you all and catching up! Lots of love for now

Jo and the Monplatinuk Team xxxxx

3 thoughts on “From Mon Platin with love.. Read this heart felt quote from one of our lovely hairdressers

  1. What wonderfull words put together it almost like a song or more like an album Kevin northwest England xkx

  2. Tina D’ambrosio
    I as a hairdresser. I am missing what I call my work family. By that I mean the people I see every week, the peaple I see every six weeks, the ones I share a tea or coffee with the ones I listen to and in return listen to me the ones I laugh with the ones I cry with the ones I joke with. These are my work family.

  3. Made me cry! It’s so true what lovely words I’ll pass it on stay safe and fingers crossed for the 4 th July xxxx


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