Most Helpful Haircare Questions and Answers

Hi Everyone,
My name is Julie I have been a hairdresser for over 30 years and I always get asked what products do I use?

Currently we love Mon Platin professional and I thought now would be a good time to answer some most common questions my clients ask me-

My hair always has dry ends what can I use stop this happening?

We advice having a regular trim every 6-8 weeks to avoid split ends.
Also when using heat to style the hair, make sure you use a heat protector – I love Mon Platin Thermobuilder as this acts as a dual action heat protector cream also adding a layer of silicone around each strand.

How to get volume to my hair once dried as always so flat?

Always apply Mon Platin 12 in 1 leave in treatment to your hair once washed. The leave in treatment has 12 functions in one and will add a lot of volume to your hair.
I do find if hair is very flat once you finish your blow dry, put your head upside down and blow cool air,
Then add Mon Platin volume powder spray to the root of the hair.
I prefer this to back coming the hair as if you are not very careful back coming your hair can split the hair and this product works in the same format.
You only need a small amount and then brushes out without adding grit like other root lift powders we have used in the past.

My hair is thinning after birth, what vitamin can you recommend to help it regrow?
100 percent biotin has helped loads of my clients.

I have psoriasis, what product do you recommend  to help cleanse my scalp?
I always use Mon Platin anti dandruff shampoo on clients with sensitive scalps or clients that have psoriasis leave on for 5 mins and the tea tree oils will cleanse the scalp.
I also advice clients to apply Mon Platin oriental oil to the scalp and rub in before blow drying as this will keep the natural oils in the scalp to stop it flaking.

I am looking for a beach wave look product and can’t find it anywhere, do you know about this product?
Mon Platin have launched this exact product, it is amazing called  new fashionista Miami beach wave. Get it whilst you can .Apply to your hair when wet and leave to dry. This will make beach look hair when you have just come out the sea honestly an amazing product!

I am constantly cooking as I work in a busy restaurant and fed up of leaving work and my hair smelling of cooking, What do you recommend will help?

I keep in my handbag Mon Platin  pink dream hair freshener. This takes away odours and freshens up your hair in-between shampoos

My child’s hair is always so tangled after washing, what do you recommend?

100 percent Mon Platin 12 in 1 multi action hair cream as mentioned above, it’s the best detangling  product I have come across. Not only does it detangle  the hair,it works in 12 ways to protect hair, help it to grow, has uva and uvb its a really amazing product. I also use Mon Platin detangling brush as this brush bends with your hair and stops breakage.

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