Maintaining your bleached hair with Mon Platin Blonde Mask

Hi guys it’s Jo from Mon Platin! I need to tell you all how the blonde shampoo and blonde hair mask are a must have in your bathroom just in case you didn’t already know!

If you have blonde highlighted hair or a tint you will know that after a few weeks your colour starts to blend or fade.
If you shampoo with Mon Platin total blonde shampoo every wash you will see for yourself how fresh the blonde tones look- evens the colour out every time and preserves the colour.

Both Blonde shampoo and Blonde mask are purple inside and has a wonderful scent, Blonde shampoo also nourishes the hair and adds protection whilst cleansing the hair.

Total Blonde hair mask is not only a great mask to use once a week to nourish those dry ends, it works as a toner if left on for around 15 minutes apply all over from the rot to the ends.

Your hair will feel soft, nourished, shiny, fresh and rejuvenated.
We all know blonde hair needs extra tlc and this duo is the answer!
Try it for yourself and protect your blonde hair from further breakage!

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