Get the look – Molly-Mae Beach waves ๐ŸŒŠ

Here at Mon Platin Professional, we love to look at all different types of trendy hair styles, which help the celebrities to look amazing on TV.

Molly-Mae from Love Island is known for her different variety of hair styles.ย  Being a hairdresser myself, I am often asked on how to create these looks.

The beach waves look can be done by using less then a handful of products.

At Mon Platin we have the perfect combination to achieve this look.

Always start off with washing your hair. We would recommend using our Black Caviar Total Repair Shampoo and Conditioner for Coloured hair.  Once washed and towel dried add our 12 in 1 Multi-action Hair Cream.  This is vital to achieve the look. Once combed through, blow dry until smooth

Depending on your preference you can either use straighteners or a tong/wand.  Once the the hair is in large curls (the tighter the curl the curlier the look) brush-out with a wide tooth comb to break the curls up.

Finish off with a pea size drop of our Black Caviar Serum.  Gently run though the mid length and ends of the hair.

This hair style can last up to a couple days with the right care. Before going to bed place hair in a loose low bun, after spraying the hair with our Fashion Edition Hairspray. In the morning take the hair out of the bun and brush through mid length to ends.  Spray once more and your hair will be full of bounce and shine for another day of glam.