How to look after hair extensions

When I had my second baby if it isn’t enough what us mums have to go through ( I will leave that for another time) but no one actually tells you that Oh yes your hair will start to fall out too.

I have always looked after my hair as I work for mon platin I have had the pleasure of trying all the products and using the whole range which I must say I can’t live without the 12 in 1 multi action hair cream. This product has been a g-d send when your baby is screaming and you have no time to dry your hair or faff around with lots of products
We have all been there hardly a second to shower let alone leave the house to go for a lovely blow-dry! So I wash my hair myself with mon platin dry coloured shampoo, mon platin conditioner  and  then spray 12 in1 in my freshly washed hair. The results are amazing not only does it detangle your hair, adds shine, volume, but it takes out all the frizz too and leaves you feeling fresh which is what I need after no sleep!

One day when my daughter was nearly 1 years old I decided to try hair extensions as got bored of my hair never growing past my shoulders and friends asking if I had cut my hair (which I have not for years).

Lots of top celebrities like Kim Kardashian have hair extensions now it is quite the norm to have these little bonds attached to your hair! So I thought why not?
I now have long thick blonde hair but how do you look after it?

Hair extensions are over processed especially blonde hair which I have therefore if you don’t look after them they will end up looking split and dry.
I apply Mon platin black caviar hair mask to to the mid ends of my hair  and leave in for 10 minutes making sure the mask does not touch the bonds.

The black caviar hair mask is a great treatment for nourishing dry coloured or damaged hair brings the shine back and also smells like holiday! ( smell for yourself)
Next apply Mon Platin 12 in 1 multi action hair cream all over and brush through.
Pain is beauty although hair extensions are painless!! I will say make sure you use a good brush like Mon Platin paddle Brush as it  does not break the hair at all. Some brushes will not glide through extensions and break your natural hair.

I am left with lovely natural looking long hair!

Here is my demo using Mon Platin Paddle brush


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