Why you should oil your hair

6331725884_1e0c9862e2_oThe odds are good that you already incorporate shampoos and conditioners into your daily hair-care routine, but should you also be using oils on a regular basis? In previous blog entries, we’ve noted that hair oils can help deal with specific challenges (such as keeping your hair moisturised in harsh winter weather). However, these oils also offer many more general benefits so it really is worth using them routinely.

1. Hair oil replenishes nutrients and encourages healthy growth

Hair needs certain vitamins in order to grow. If you regularly curl or straighten your hair using a heated device, then the process may damage your hair while simultaneously depriving it of the nutrients it needs. But there’s no need to panic: applying hair oils can help replace the vital nutrients lost during other parts of your hair-care routine, thereby ensuring that you’ll have beautiful, healthy hair no matter how many times you straighten or curl it.

2. Oiling your hair can prevent greying

By delivering vital nutrients to your hair, oils do more than just keep it healthy: they also keep it colourful. Oiling you hair regularly can help prevent it from losing its pigmentation and starting to go grey.

3. Oils can help prevent dandruff

Regrettably, having a dry scalp can often lead to dandruff. While certain conditioners can help address this problem to some extent, oils are the most effective way of combating a dry scalp. Oils don’t just moisturise your hair: they can also be rubbed into the scalp itself to prevent it drying out.

4. Oiling your hair may relax you

Using hair oils doesn’t just help your hair physically: it can also benefit you psychologically. Rubbing oils (particularly heated oils) into your hair can be incredibly relaxing. It can enable you to de-stress and leave your worries behind you for a little while, which will help keep both you and your hair healthy.

Oils are less commonly used than shampoos and conditioners, but it’s important not to overlook their benefits. If you want to maintain luscious, healthy hair, it’s highly advisable to invest in high-quality oils, such as those we offer here at Jojoba Cosmetics.

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