cute, curly hairstyles!

First, pull your hair back and knot it into a loose, high ponytail with an elastic.

Pull your ponytail apart with each hand so that the elastic rises up, tightens the ponytail, and gives volume to the top of your head.

To prevent excess moisture and humidity, spray both the top and ponytail with a liberal amount of hairspray.

To add structure and volume to your hair, spritz clean, wet hair with a sea salt spray, then blow it out with an ionic hairdryer. It’s not crucial to get the stick straight; what matters is that the top is smooth.

Half of your hair should be pinned up and the other half should be divided into little parts.

Wrap each section of your hair around a curling wand made for waves one at a time, holding it away from your face and above your hair so the curls fall down from the barrel.

Curl the top half of your hair in the same way, but don’t go all the way to the root. Start slightly above the ears instead.

Allow five minutes for the curls to cool before misting your hair with sea salt spray and running your fingers through them.

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